• License Type: REGISTERED NURSE
  • Resides in: EL PASO TX 79905
  • Issued on: 7/24/2014
  • Licensure Status: CURRENT - 10/31/2017
  • Compact License: YES
  • Current Disciplinary Action: NONE
  • Resides in: EL PASO TX
  • APRN License No: AP126203
  • Recognized with TX RN license No: 861754
    • Initial Recognition Date: 8/8/2014
    • Status of Recognition: CURRENT through 10/31/2017
    • ** Prescriptive Authorization for this Recognition Type **
      Rx. Auth. Number: 16280
      Initial Rx. Auth. Date: 8/8/2014
      Status of Rx. Auth.: CURRENT through 10/31/2017

The Board of Nursing (BON) has discontinued issuing wallet-sized paper licenses for nurses renewing their licenses beginning September 1, 2008. The BON will continue to issue paper license certificates for:

  • Graduate nurses who pass the NCLEX┬« exam and obtain their initial nurse license in Texas;
  • Nurses who hold licenses in other states and are obtaining a Texas nurse license for the first time; and
  • Nurses who receive full licensure as advanced practice registered nurses.



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